Steel Plank

  • Expert in scaffolding planks manufacture
  • International standards tested and certified
  • High slip resistance
  • Size and specifications are designed and customized for your requirements

Product Parameter

Kwikstage Products: Standard, Ledgers, Transom, Steel Plank, Hop Ups, Diagonal Braces, Tie Bars, Toe board Brackets, End Toe Board Brackets, Double C Clip, and External Cup Standard

Description Length (mm) H*W (mm) Weight (KG)
0.7M Kwikstage Plank 700 63*230 5.1
1.0M Kwikstage Plank 1000 63*230 6.89
1.25M Kwikstage Plank 1250 63*230 8.6
1.5M Kwikstage Plank 1500 63*230 9.2
1.8M Kwikstage Plank 1800 63*230 11.6
2.4M Kwikstage Plank 2400 63*230 14.5

All above size and specifications can be customized.

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