Scaffolding Tubes

  • BS1139, EN39, EN10219, AS1163 or other standards tested and certified
  • Tubes are available in black, painted, and hot dipped galvanized finish.
  • S235 and S335 steel grade are used to produce the tubes.

Product Description

Galvanized Scaffold Tubes Wall Thickness 4.0mm (Type 4)
Description Specifications (mm)
1.0m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3×4.0x1000
1.5m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3×4.0x1500
2.5m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3×4.0x2500
3.0m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3×4.0x3000
4.0m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3×4.0x4000
6.0m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3×4.0x6000
Galvanized Scaffold Tubes Wall Thickness 3.2mm (Type 3)
Description Specifications (mm)
1.0m Gal Tube OD48.3×3.2×1000
1.5m Gal Tube OD48.3×3.2×1500
2.0m Gal Tube OD48.3×3.2×2000
2.5m Gal Tube OD48.3×3.2×2500
3.0m Gal Tube OD48.3×3.2×3000
4.0m Gal Tube OD48.3×3.2×4000
6.0m Gal Tube OD48.3×3.2×6000
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